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My path of life taught me how to open my heart and overcome my fear. In order to achieve this, I
had to become a transformation of myself as a being, which lead me to more deeper understanding
of all living beings and the following compassion within. On my path, I realised that big part of
healthy body lies within the connection of body and mind. Through my life, certain situations and
experiences had lead me to question myself about the uniqueness of life, meaning that we are all the
same, while at the same time different. On my journey of transformation, it was necessary for me to
learn the art of healing my body and soul, using energy that we all share. In order to achieve this, it
was necessary for me to train my mind, by learning. I have started to collect the knowledge that lead
me to combine spiritual and mental teachings about myself as an individual as well as part of the
human race. Within certain time, these teachings have lead me to a realisation of connection with
living beings as well as nature as a whole.

Who am I? My name is Luka Markovic and i am an open minded adventurer, sports-enthusiast,
husband, soon to be dad and seeker of knowledge on my quest for happiness. Life, Laugh,
adventures - these are the characteristics which describe me the most. For me, everyone brings
goodness and happiness within their hearts, just everyone has to get through different struggles in
order to reach it. Regarding to this, I believe that every being is authentic and unique, therefore
each individual deserves a specific approach.

What shaped me as a person? I am a Croatian, living in Slovakia for most of my life. How did a
Croatian appear in Slovakia? In the least expectable way, through ice-hockey. As a 15 year old kid I
came to Slovakia to play ice-hockey and become a professional player later in my life. Thanks to my
career I was able to play and live in Croatia, Slovakia and Germany. While I played in Slovakia, I
became a member of the National team of Croatia as 18 years old. This has deepened my passion for
travelling and exploring new places, cultures, religions, people and their traditions. Being a
professional Ice-hockey player, requires an enormous amount of effort and a complete dedication. At
this moment of my life, I realised that in order to achieve my dream of being a World player, I did not
have enough resolve. This has lead me to a path of a decline of inner happiness. In my search of
meaning, I have wandered into the world of Business. In Bratislava I have with my friend established
M&S Projects, focused on the sales of construction materials. Here I encountered a really stressful
environment, leading me to ask myself a question ’’Is all this, worth all this stress? and ‘’What can I
do with it?’’ The answer? For me it was meditation, which has brought me an inner peace. With the
practice of breathing techniques and meditation, I have highly enriched my life with positive
moments, while also decreasing the negative impact on my mental, physical and spiritual health.

My transformation is still a work in progress, as each of us. Thanks to continuous learning and self-
improvement, I have affected people around me in a positive way

My path is to do good on this planet and to help people connect with their hearts and their inner truth.

I am sending you greetings with much love and compassion.

Find yourself and you will be cured.

Rainbow Wolf


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